Ok, this is a copy of the Pottery Barn holiday dress. I love it, and it has given me alot of ideas.

I started with an Ottobre pattern #3 from the Summer 2005 issue. The pattern includes a yoke and a skirt, and the zipper closure is in the back. I measured what I needed for the pleats, and then I altered the pattern. I started by sewing the shoulder seams. Then I added the front skirt panel, and then the back skirt panels. The pattern includes sleeves and a neck/collar facing. I did not want the sleeves, so I had to change the facing. I copied the yoke pattern, and extended it about 2 inches. The PB dress yoke ends below the armpit, however the Ottobre yoke pattern ends within the armseye. I need to change that. The PB dress is tighter around the waist and therefore more fitted. The Ottobre dress appears to be more of an A-line dress. Normally, you would start by sewing the shoulder seams, and then attaching the lining. In this case, I had to add the skirt first and then the lining. Pulling the lining through the shoulder seam is easier without all the bulk of the skirt.

The other problem was the length. I need to add at least 1 inch if not two. Then I should lower the neckline. I think it would look nicer with a blouse. And last but not least, I hate putting in a zipper, so adding some width to the back yoke and skirt for either buttons and/or snaps sounds like another good idea. Here is a picture of the Monogram.

So now all I need to do is make a blouse, but Ottobre does not have one for infants. I will probably have to use one of my heirloom patterns.