Another Ottobre Pinafore dress. This one is from Winter 2003 Issue. I decided to add two layers of ruffles to the bottom and a small grosgrain ribbon. The dress is adorable. It was a bit long, because she is starting to crawl, and the length is right below her knees. My little size 62. She eats so much, but she just will not grow.
The fabric is from, and cost about $2.99 a yard, but I am not all too impressed with the quality. I guess you get what you pay for.

So this is what I am working on right now.
My sister showed me the clothing on the Pottery Barn website. They really have some beautiful garments. I love this outfit, and combined with a signature on the front of the outfit, I think this is gorgeous. I went to Joann’s and bought some Velveteen right away. I also think it will look beautiful in red or black corduroy. I am taking a pattern from Ottobre, since I know it fits. I found a pattern with a bodice or front yoke piece and have altered the skirt to include two pleats on both the front and back skirt pieces. I cannot wait to see how it looks when I am finished. If I get it finished.

O. has not been feeling well. She has a horrible cold. Yes again. I think this is the fifth one since she was born. Of course, everytime I pick up Nicolas from Prek, she is coming in contact with all of those germs. It is no wonder she is constantly sick. We missed our Picture day because of the cold, and N. had two black eyes (another story). Here she is posing in her new dress. She looked so cute. I hope that we will get out to see Santa and take some pictures. Not now, because she is so fussy and won’t let anyone handle her. N. has two black eyes because he went running through the garage and hit his head on a piece of wood. Seriously, it hurt to look at him. He looked like a Star Trek character. Everyone thought he rubbed magic marker on top of his nose. We were all lined up to take pictures in his school the next day. What a shame! Oh well, they both gained two nice outfits, and I did not spend any money. However, I would have liked to have pictures. They are both having so much fun with each other. Maybe I can find someone else to sneak us in before the holidays. We will have to see.