Although I am not completely finished with her room, I have finished everything important, and thought it was time to get the pictures up on my blog. I actually only have a few small things that still need to be done, like hanging pictures.

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First of all, I owe the completion of this room to my parents. If it was not for my father and mother painting and sewing, and their great ideas, I probably would still be working on this room. The only thing I did was the crib. Thanks mom and dad.

My father painted the room. It turned out to be a bit more neon then the paint chip, so we had to paint the room twice, adding a quart of white paint to dim the color. My father also painted the dresser, the dollhouse, and the flower hooks. Yes, he is a great painter!

My mom put everything together. She made the daybed cover, and all of the pillows. She found the carpet in Target, and loved the various pastel colors. I was stuck on pink and green, but she liked all of the colors, in particuliar yellow and pink. She was right. The yellow looked much better with the pink then the green. She went to Michael’s and found all the knick-knacks for the wall, and the dollhouse. She also added the roses to the lamp.

I did the crib and the bulletin board, and the pictures which are not finished yet. I saw the bumper pads on a website and fell in love with the plush padding. They really turned out nice. I do realize that they will probably have to come out once she is old enough to stand. The idea for the bedding came from a store in Germany called “Baby Royale”. The bedding in that store was simple and very elegant. I copied their boys room for Nicolas, which was alot like this one, except navy blue ribbon and no ruffles. If I can find a picture I will post it.

I am very happy with how the room turned out. Although the room is a bit cramped due to the sleigh bed, it comes in quite handy. I have often spent the night there when Olivia gave me a hard time sleeping. It also allows me to keep my sewing room intact. We don’t get that many guests, and when we do, I will have to move Olivia into our room or the sewing room. It is that simple.