I love it when life just throws you things, and suddenly everything just comes together – like a game of connecting the dots……..

I recently discovered a line of fabrics through a group on Yahoo, which I would have never looked at if I was not having a little baby girl on Valentines Day. At the same time, yesterday I was introduced to a blog, again which I would have never looked at if I was not pregnant with a little girl. It turns out that this blog www.HELLOmynameisheather.com just happens to be written by the woman who designed the above mentioned beautiful line of quilting fabrics. I really enjoyed reading it. This woman is not only very creative and a talented writer, but has two children, loves to sew and is a stay-at-home-mom. She has also managed to have a career on top of everything else. How absolutely wonderful! I am so envious.

After reading everything I could about her and her beautiful life, another thought would not leave my mind, and it was something my sister said to me earlier on the phone. I was telling my sister about how Nicolas, my three year old son, was once again sick with the flu. This is the second time in less then two months. I thought he had a cold, however yesterday (day 6) he got a very bad fever. I knew then, that he had a bug again. I spent the entire month of December taking care of him and my husband, because they both had the stomach flu. I was 9 mos. pregnant at the time, and still feeling pretty good, however this is no longer the case. I have four weeks left, and I am not always my cheerful self. Finding time for myself is a bit harder, because I am always so tired. I have a tendency to blame life for alot of things, and I guess that was what I was doing again to my sister. She, however, very quickly turned everything around, and reminded me about how mom did such a wonderful job of taking care of us when we were sick. She put us in bed, with the tv on, serving us food all day, and entertaining us. She always made us feel so special.

My mom! Yes she did do a wonderful job of making us feel special. My mom is and was probably the most important friend and inspiration in my life. She had also managed to raise two girls, sew most of our clothing, and sew much of our interior decorations. She was and is the best interior designer I know. She is also the best cook, always coming up with new ideas. (Having a german background helps.) She has always dressed and looked beautiful, and has a heart of gold. I could go on and on, but I guess the point I am trying to make is that she was the best Stay-at-Home-Mom.

So, last night I fell asleep thinking about Heather, my mom and myself, while my son Nicolas laid next to me in my king size bed. I no longer felt sorry for myself, and the fact that this little girl’s nursery was not going to be finished on time. Instead I felt like I was being a good Mom, and that my creative side would find time tomorrow or the next day to still accomplish something.