Nicolas is finally potty trained. Yeah! One morning he just woke up and said “No” to diapers and insisted on wearing underwear. I was so happy that I bought all that underwear in Germany. It is so comfortable compared to anything I have found in the US. There were of course a few mistakes, however in less then three weeks we had all the problems resolved. He even sleeps in underwear, and so far there have been no accidents in the bed or elsewhere. The funny thing is that everything you read confirms that this is the easiest way to potty train your toddler. Just wait until he is ready.

We are very proud parents right now, and he is finally ready to go to preschool. Now we face just one other problem. We cannot get any pants to fit. I was so happy to finally see him grow into a 2T, but with no diapers around the waist, his pants were hanging around his knees. A belt would be the perfect solution, however he needs to be able to take off his pants on his own. There goes that idea, and suspenders, and the four pair of overalls I bought during my trip in Germany. Yippee Yeah. So I sit down and sew a pair of brown corduroys for Christmas – Size 92. He is 95cm tall, or 37.5 inches. The pants will fit him next year. Nice pattern though. I will post a picture. Next I sew a size 86. Nope, this one is way too big too. I finally sew a pair of vanilla denim jeans in a size 80 waist with a size 92 length, and they fit perfectly. I cut out three more pair of pants, so he does not look like such a slob anymore. He just started Preschool, and I realized how little clothing I had for him. Once I get these pants done then he will have a nice supply again. I also noticed that most of his german pants have a cuff. I let out the cuff on some of his older smaller pants, and he can wear them again.