Yeah! I finally got to work on another outfit for my son. I really should not complain because I have been working on some baby outfits for my sister, whose baby is due in June. She is having a girl, and I cannot wait. Finally a girl in our family. It is going to be so much fun. I really shouldn’t say that, because ever since I found Ottobre Magazine, I have found a ton of things to sew for Nicolas. My only problem is finding the material.

The new magazine arrived and I wanted to try out a pair of shorts, #12 3/2006 and a t-shirt #13. Both turned out to be really great. I made up the pants in size 86, which are too big in the width. Although he is 90cm, he is small and skinny, so I will stick to a size 80, and just add to the length. I used whatever fabric I could find, which was a red denim that I ordered from Handmades. The OD staff used a linen/cotton blend, which I think would have been better choice for the pockets. Denim is too heavy, even though this is a childrens denim, and quite lightweight. The pockets were a bit difficult, and time-consuming. I am not sure I would do them again, unless I really was using a linen, or lightweight cotton. The waistband proved to be once again a bit difficult. I am going to try my waistbanding technique next time.

The t-shirt turned out great. I was nervous about it. My last tshirt did not look so nice around the neck. The binding stretched out of shape, and bubbled. But they say that practice makes perfect, and I am quite pleased how this turned out. I did not use a special ribbing. I used the tshirt fabric, and cut it on the crosswise grain just like the tees mom gets me in Germany. I am not sure whether it will fit or not (size 86), but it looks fine. He was too dirty this afternoon to try it on. I dont like all the topstitching I did. I tried to bring out the red in the shorts, but I would have preferred to use the same color as the t-shirt in some cases. I also found out that next time, I will use a twin needle, because I like the effect better.

Now all I need is a nice pair of shoes that fit………..Argh!